Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Wonder by R.J. Palacio  is an incredible adventure of one little boy named August, who was deformed at birth. He never went to school and was always home schooled until he entered grade five. He meets a girl named Charlotte and two boys, one of them is named Jack (I forgot the other ones name, sorry about that) during a school tour. as he grows more used to the school and the other kids calling him names, they get used to his face and become friends with him.
this story tells us, no matter what the person looks like, it is always better to be friends with him/her than hurt their feelings.
I love this story because, if you look on my other blogs, you will see a chicken, Named Beaky, he didn't have any tail feathers. he only had one eye. But no matter what the day was, Beaky always loved us for taking care of him. He died May of 2015.
This story reminds me of him and how strong he was.
I hope that this review was helpful to you, and I recommend this book to everyone.
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